Take time out in a centrally situated oasis in Potsdam – rich in history and culture.
Relax in the ambience of our historic courtyard, sample some culinary highlights in our restaurant Schmiede 9,
or plan your event at our versatile venue Le Manège.

In the centre of Potsdam – but far away from everyday stress and noise – is a place where you are always welcome. The Kutschstall in Potsdam – cosily tucked away behind historic walls, yet central and conveniently located. A place to form fond memories, hold parties, or simply to enjoy quiet moments full of relaxation.

With its service, flair and ambience, the Kutschstall has a warm and inviting atmosphere throughout. Whether you come simply for a few hours of tranquillity, to celebrate a special occasion, or want to arrange corporate events with us, the Kutschstall offers versatile capabilities and a great team who will be pleased to assist you.


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The Kutschstall is my second home in Potsdam. It’s a great place to relax, eat good food, and for a celebration. I’ve found the complete package.


  • Kutschstall Potsdam


    In the end of the 18th century the horse stable was not sufficient enough for the requirements. Therefore the new Kutschstall had to be build due to the plans of architect to the imperial court Andreas Ludwig Krüger in the years vom 1787 to 1790. Its forms are build by the early neoclassicism. The highlight is the portal, which is surrounded by pillars from red sand stone. It is crowned by a quadriga, which goes along with working stable staff.

    In the stables there were at least 100 horses in divided boxes. In the low floor above the stable staff and the vanguards. Under the roof there were storage places, which were directly connected to the boxes.

    Quelle: Haus der Brandenburg-Preußischen Geschichte

  • Kutschstall Potsdam


    The roof truss and the upper floor of the southern part of the Kutschstall were burned completely in 1945, but were reconstructed in the time after war.

    In 1997 the Land Brandenburg aquired the property with the restriction to build the Haus der Brandenburgisch-Preußischen Geschichte. The upper floor and the roof truss in the northern part were renovated. The biggest changes are located in the southern part of the upper floor. Here the old construction of the roof was replaced by a modern unsupported construction, which led to a way bigger exhibition area. The new, extensive technical equipment, mainly air-conditioning and heating, were installed in the ground floor.

    Quelle: Haus der Brandenburg-Preußischen Geschichte

  • Kutschstall Potsdam


    The remises on the court were replaced and expanded by newer buildings in the 19th century. Therefore a steward house, a little horse riding arena and a big horse riding hall with a horse lazaret were arised. Until 1918 the whole complex was part of the courtyard of the city castle of Potsdam. After that year for the time being the stables were occupied by police horses. When the motorization was accomplished, the remises and horse stables were used as a tennis center, furniture storage, garages and workshop rooms. Partly the buildings suffered a big reconstruction. In the horse stable itself the major from Potsdam Hans Friedrichs established a fruit- and vegetable market.

    Quelle: Haus der Brandenburg-Preußischen Geschichte

  • Kutschstall Potsdam

    Construction of the Kutschstall

    The “Neue Markt” is the only place in the historical city center of Potsdam, which survived the destruction during and after the war almost without any damages. The westside of the nearly square shaped location is mainly marked by the magnificient early classicist style of the royal carriage stable; the other three sides are surrounded by houses.

    Already under power from elector Friedrich Wilhelm (1640-1688) the architect Johann Gregor Memhardt set up a horse stable in 1671.

    Quelle: Haus der Brandenburg-Preußischen Geschichte

  • Kutschstall Potsdam

    Unique event setting

    As you enter the Kutschstall courtyard, located just off the Neuer Markt (New Market Square), you will see the half-timbered old forge building that is home to our Schmiede 9 restaurant. Its large comfortable terrace offers a view of the vintage stagecoach exhibition in the yard as well as the restaurant’s open kitchen. During winter months, guests can settle inside for a conversation over a glass of wine by the crackling log fire. On the upper floor, you can watch rare archival footage of Potsdam’s old town as it was before the destruction of 1945. The neighbouring Museum of Brandenburg and Prussian History (HBPG) features alternating exhibitions and is always worth a visit.

    Next door, Le Manège is an event venue providing an appealing setting for cultural and festive gala occasions.

    Well-known markets and festivals such as the Sternenmarkt (Star Market) are held in the courtyard.

    Quelle: Haus der Brandenburg-Preußischen Geschichte


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Der Kutschstall in Potsdam

Am Neuen Markt 9 a/b
14467 Potsdam

Restaurant: 0331 / 200 688 7
Office: 0331 / 88 76 05 14



From the main train station (Hauptbahnhof), it’s less than 10 minutes’ walk past the Freundschaftsinsel, Neuer Landtag, Film Museum and then across the Neuer Markt (New Market Square).
By public transport, take a bus or tram to the “Alter Markt/Landtag” bus and tram stop.
By car, there is pay-and-display parking in “Am Neuen Markt” street and Schloßstraße, as well as a multi-storey car park off Werner-Seelenbinder-Straße.

The Kutschstall in Potsdam –
make us your new home

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city to the Kutschstall in Potsdam. We are your home away from home, where you can feel at ease. Impeccable service and a welcoming atmosphere offer you the feel-good factor at any time of year – such as for an evening with friends and family.

The Kutschstall in Potsdam comprises multiple individual venues: the restaurant Schmiede 9, the event venue Le Manège, and the historic courtyard.

The Schmiede 9 restaurant has indoor and outdoor dining areas with warm and attentive service. Our menu at Schmiede 9 features modern takes on traditional dishes. Our formula for making guests feel at home is to combine the best of traditional quality with exciting culinary highlights.

Le Manège is a multi-purpose venue with a variety of spaces for unforgettable events. Whether a business convention, wedding party or large-scale event, our venue in Potsdam can accommodate all your needs. Le Manège is equipped with video projectors and sound systems, permits many seating options and is highly flexible, making it simply the ideal place for your special events.

Spend time in the relaxing, calm and cosy atmosphere of the Kutschstall in Potsdam. We want visitors to feel at home and always welcome. Our guests leave rested and satisfied.